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About Us

As a General Building contractor since 2002, Calvary Enterprise has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the
construction industry.

Calvary Enterprise is expanding on this reputation by adding additional civil engineering projects to our profile. To this end Calvary
Enterprise has sub-contracted with Kingsway civil Engineers and has secured projects within the Johannesburg region.
Based on our clients’ needs we use proudly South African products to provide the most effective and efficient solutions for each

Calvary Enterprise employs a hand-on Philosophy both on the job and in the office by staffing every project with full staff
compliment. All our projects have the support of the office staff which ranges from the hands-on involvement from the director to the
professional engineers right to the labourers.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, safety and our longstanding relationships built through many years of
outstanding quality and integrity


Name: Mr D.J Sehlabaka (Director) Education: Post Graduate Qualification: Personnel and Training Management Modern S-H-E-Q/ Risk Management HR Practitioner/ Labour Law Postgraduate Public Management

Mr. Joseph Sehlabaka started from humble beginning and was willing to put in the time and work to complete his
studies to impact positively on his studies. Mr Joseph Sehlabaka has impeccable business skills and his
qualifications allowed him to prosper through sheer hard work, quality workmanship and his commitment to his
clients and staff alike
He has extensive knowledge in construction management as well as managing staff and labour relations and how
it applies in the different work environments.
Over the last seven years Mr. Joseph Sehlabaka has put in extensive hours to grow the business and has
focused on various projects which has propelled the company to become an active player within the
construction industry.
His experience in construction can be detailed below and is not limited to:
• Scheduling projects in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines
• Determining labour requirements and dispatch workers to construct sites.
• Inspecting and reviewing projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other regulations
• Interpret and explanation of plans and contract terms to Executive Staff, Administrative Staff, Labourers and
• Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects,
consultants, clients and suppliers
• Obtain all necessary permits and licenses


To create wealth whilst providing uncompromising standards in our workmanship, safety and the quality being able to grow our
book of business and creating the much needed employment needed in our country.


To become key role players in the industry. Mainly focusing on job creation thereby allowing economic growth and sustainability of our business.


Client satisfaction is a constant measure of achievement for our company. While there is no doubt that this satisfaction is due
to our commitment to our clients, it is also directly related to the strong values of the company.


We are experienced principle contractors managing highly complex projects ranging from new build office blocks to casino fit outs.  

We understand that any construction project can cause disruption to your ongoing business – which is why our project team will work with you to cause minimal disruption whether that be working round the clock 24 hour service or facilitating for your premises to remain open and operational. 


We have extensive experience in all areas of
social Housing such as:
•Redevelopments, Alterations and upgrades
•Permitting and Site Preparation
•Cement foundations
•Plumbing and Utility Installations
•Exterior and Interior Renovations
•Electrical Installations
•Repairs and Maintenance
Floor tiling and Wall coating and Painting
•RDP Housing Projects
•Community Residential Units
•Slums and building Clearance

Executive Summary

Calvary Enterprise was established in 2002 and has built up to a good reputation within the market with producing sterling work on both small and medium contracts. The company is currently registered with the CIBD as level 3 GBPE 5CE. Calvary Enterprise is registered with the NHBRC.

• Calvary Enterprise thrives in their ability to offer cost-effective and innovative solutions within the construction industry. We believe in forming strategic partners with Key Role players in the industry to create the necessary growth and expertise to advance in an extremely competitive industry. We have the ability to deliver on fast-tracked projects, while maintaining uncompromising standards in safety and quality of our work. We have efficient operational and administrative systems that blend in well with our financial system.

• We have been involved in various projects spread headed by JDA, Kingsway, Halifax Group (PTY) LTD Road-Tech Joint Venture to redevelop the roads infrastructure within the various regions in Johannesburg and this provided the opportunity for Calvary Enterprise to enter into partnerships and sub-contract on some key projects for roads infrastructure upgrades in Region B, Johannesburg

• This has allowed us the opportunity to employ a substantial number of youth from within their regions providing them with much needed jobs, which is in line with our youth development skills program which provide for on-the job training and empowerment.

• We have extensive work on both commercial and residential properties where we had to do refurbishment and redevelopment of structures. These projects were done for the private companies and individuals. We ensure that the highest standards of Health and Safety are being upheld on all our contraction sites.

• The number of years knowledge and skills brought the table by Calvary Enterprise management team has seen this company being steered in a direction where it is ready to become mainstream company. All materials procured within our line of work is proudly South African Forum.


Upgrading of Roads to accommodate a cycle lane, relocating, upgrading and extending of existing storm. Water network clearing and grubbing bulk earth works

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Programme of works highlighting residual risks which need to be managed • Management structure and responsibilities for health and safety • Health and safety targets for project- setting standards • Arrangements for: • Regular liaison between parties on site • Consolation with workforce • Handling design changes during construction phase • The selection and management of subcontractors • The exchange of health and safety information between contractors • Arrangements for site security/access • Site induction • Onsite training • Welfare facilities and first aid arrangements • Reporting of accidents and incidents • Production and approval of method statements • Site rules • Fire and evacuation procedures Senior Management’s commitment to health and safety consist of the following • The outline of the project • The individual’s immediate line manager and any other key personnel • Any site-specific health and safety risks, for example in relation to access, transport, site contamination, hazard substances and manual handling • Control measures on the site, including: • Any site rules, • Any permit-to-work systems, • Traffic routes • Security arrangements • Hearing protection zones • arrangements for personal protective equipment’s, including what is needed, where to find it and how to use it, • arrangements for housekeeping and material storage • facilities available, including welfare facilities, • emergency procedures, including fire precautions, the action to take in the event of a fire, escape routes, assembly points, responsible people and the safe use of any fire fighting equipment • arrangements for first aid; • arrangements for reporting accidents and incidents; • details of any planned training, such as ‘toolbox ‘talks; • arrangements for consulting and involving workers in health and safety, including the identity and role of any: • appointed trade union representatives, • representatives of employee safety, • safety committees: • Information about the individual’s responsibilities for health and safety.























Project 1
Individual: Mrs. Isa Meintjies

Project Cost: R10,000.00

Project Details: Re-development of Laminated
flooring and refurbishment of built in cupboards

Period: March 2012

Project 2
Individual: Mrs. Lorraine Davids

Project Cost: R140,000.00

Project Details: Tilling, painting, dry wall installations, built in cupboards

Period: August 2013

Project 3
Individual: Mrs. Emma Mentjies

Project Cost: R185,000.00

Project Details: Re-development of residential
property, installation of built in
cupboards, tilling, kitchen revamp,
installation of laminated flooring

Period: March-November 2014

Project 4

Company: Kingsway Civil Engineering

Project Cost: R872,027.92

Project Details: NMT Implementation Phase 2 and
Westbury Pedestrian Bridge
Upgrading of roads to accommodate
bicycle lane, relocating, upgrading and extending of existing storm water network
Clearing and grubbing
Bulk earthworks
Selected sub grade layers and
cement stabilized sub base layers
G1 crushed stone base and
Bituminous black base
Related ancillary works
Road signs, grassing, erosion
protection etc.

Period: April 2016 – November 2016

Project 5
Company: Kingsway Civil (Pty) Ltd

Project Cost: R284,325.85

Project Details: Construction of Westbury precinct: NMT implementation Phase 1 and 2

Period: November 2015 – April 2016

Project 6
Company: Bophelong Construction (Pty) Ltd

Project Cost: R1,084,630.08

Project Details: Construction of Auckland Park precinct Non-Motorised Transport:
Phase 1

Period: August 2016 – December 2016

Project 7
Company: Axton Matrix

Project Cost: R1,852,911.92

Project Details: JDA EMP/1B-CN 001: Lay
and joint precast concrete, rectangular portal culverts, backfill, compact, supply and install

Period: Nov 2018 – Feb 2019

Project 8
Company: Maziya General Services (Helen
Joseph Hospital Forensic

Project Cost: R867,052.85

Project Details: Plastering works

Period: July 2019 to date

Project 9
Company: City Power

Project Cost: R1,500,000.00

Project Details: Installation of Meters and Wiring

Period: September 2020 to


We pride ourselves upon the reputation we have earned and the relationships we build with our clients. You can rely on us as your construction partner to apply our transparent, in house, turn key solution to your projects. Making construction simple.